Pine Grove Presbyterian Church

Sunday School

The Pine Grove Presbyterian Church provides several opportunities to learn about God and the Bible. 


During the school year, children are welcome to join us every Sunday morning as we discuss lessons from the Bible and participate in fun activities. Children will have an opportunity to learn more about God and His plans and how they can use the lessons taught by Jesus in everything they do.

To further explain the lessons, the children are invited to the front of the church during our worship service to hear a brief explanation of the Bible story discussed in the lessons for the day. On several occasions throughout the year, the children also have the opportunity to sing songs in the front of the church as well.


Adults are welcome to come to the church for a more in-depth discussion of the Bible lessons and stories. Our discussions relate to the lessons of the day and go deeper into the meaning and purpose of those readings.  All are welcome to attend.

Join us for Worship

Sunday School 9:00am
Sunday Worship 10:15am

Upcoming Events

2018 Communion Dates

  • Sunday, January 14
  • Thursday, March 29 (Maundy Thursday)
  • Sunday, June 3
  • Sunday, August 5
  • Sunday, October 7
  • Sunday, November 25